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[YouTube channel Momoka Japan] Is she from Kyoto and where did she go to university? Did she pay for the meal in the video? Who pays for it?


「Araaaaaaaaaaー……。It's so nice to meet you!!」 What is the channel that starts with that words and eats delicious Japanese food with foreigners?

If there was a quiz like that, many people can now answer it right away.

Yes. That is "Momoka Japan".

In this article, we looked into various things about Momoka, the host of Momoka Japan Channel. Please take a look.

Who is Momoka from Momoka Japan?

Momoka doesn't often show her face in recent videos (February 2024), but she does appear in many of her previous videos, and she often tweets about herself. Below is a profile that summarizes these words.

real nameprivate
YouTube namemomoka
date of birthBorn in 1995
ageProbably 29 years old (as of February 2024)
Graduating schoolNihon University College of Agriculture, Department of Bioresources
Favorite foodOsushi
動画のみからわかる家族構成Mother and sister (studying abroad in America?)

Official XOfficial instagramOfficial YouTube

2017/5/12First YouTube post

First YouTube post was 2017/5/12. It was a free hug video. From there, foreigners were asked to try Japanese sweets and their reactions were made into videos.


In other words, from the beginning, I had already decided on the content of the video I wanted to shoot.

In the video, Momoka talks about what she tries to keep in mind when posting content on YouTube.

``I want to convey the charm of Japan…I also think that there are some Japanese people who have forgotten the charm of Japan, so I want those people to realize again that it is a wonderful country.

These videos are filled with the desire to spread Japanese sweets and food to the world from the beginning.


I also understand that they want to convey to Japanese people that ``Japan is so wonderful.''

Just by living overseas, or even traveling, you can realize that things that are normal in Japan are not the normal overseas.

at that time

2019/10/20、Start of new project

Try feeding them sweets or fast food.

"I want foreigners to experience various things and have fun!! I want them to know more about Japan!!"

As my feelings grew stronger and stronger, I decided to take a foreigner to Cocoichi on October 20, 2019.

What's more, the plan is for you to recreate the curry after you eat it.

"Next time, let me eat your homemade curry."

says Momoka to the foreigner.

That's a great plan… Foreigners often agreed with her…

The video shows how to secure a kitchen space, have the kids guess the ingredients, do the shopping, and have them think about how to make it without having them Google the recipe.

No, that's why this is really an amazing plan…


After watching this video, she took them to a convenience store to try oden, went to a bakery, went to Tenkaippin, went to Marugame Seimen… The prototype for the current style of "bringing people to eat and having them eat" was born.

This series will continue in many ways. Mos Burger, Starbucks, Wakou, Komeda Coffee.

Next, beef cutlet, crepe, okonomiyaki, conveyor belt sushi, ramen…

The video content has changed to narrow down the types of dishes, and has continued to this day.


The experience of shooting various videos in the past is reflected in the current video content of Momoka Japan.

Momoka Japan Q&A video

A video of Momoka answering questions from viewers one by one has also been posted. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are no tourists from overseas, and it is difficult to eat out. It looks like it was taken and posted during that period.

Reference video

I have transcribed and summarized these two videos. If you don't have time to watch the video, please read the text.

Which country would you like to visit?

My favorite country is Japan. I love everything about the Japanese people, their national character, the deliciousness of their food, and the way their cities are organized. The next country I want to go to is Australia.

Do you go eating around?

I like eating while walking. I like Komachi Street in Kamakura

What is your favorite country other than Japan?

Germany was good. It was fun because the people were really kind and there were a lot of people who liked Japanese people.

What is your beauty secret?

Don't get stressed out. If I'm tired, I'll take a break

What do you keep in mind when talking to foreigners?

It doesn't really apply to foreigners, but it's important to read the atmosphere.

Do you have any other job? If you weren't a YouTuber, what would you be?

I don't have any other work. If I wasn't a YouTuber, I thought I'd like to run a bento shop.

Do you like cats?

I love it. I love all animals, including cats and dogs. (I keep) the name of my dog ​​a secret.

What is your favorite Japanese sweet?

I like to eat green rice crackers or thinly baked rice crackers with cheese.

Why did you start YouTube?

My first motivation was to study English. I decided to use it as a tool to practice English.

What is your favorite food?

It's sushi

Please tell me the recommended shops in Kansai.

When I went to Kyoto, I went to the soba restaurant Shiunsen. The grilled Karasumi squid is delicious. If you want to eat Italian food, I recommend Hikari Yurari. You'll be amazed. The sheep hamburger is exquisite.

There are no Asians in Momoka Japan, why?

I also talk to Asian people, but I feel like they are more shy than Westerners. Also, I simply can't tell the difference. Also, there are only a limited number of people who can speak English, so it doesn't come out very often. It does come out sometimes though

Do you drink alcohol?

It's very weak.

What do you keep in mind when it comes to the content you share on YouTube?

I want to convey the charm of Japan… I also think that there are some Japanese people who have forgotten the charm of Japan, so I want them to realize once again that it is a wonderful country.

Where did you go to university?

I went to Nihon University, Faculty of Bioresources, Faculty of Agriculture.

Who is your favorite actor?

It's Johnny Depp.

Since when have you owned Itagre (a dog breed called Italian Greyhound)?

7 years ago. This is a rescue dog that was taken in because the owner had some trouble.

Tips for speaking English Are there any things you keep in mind when speaking?

I tried to talk to him every day. Even now, if I don't speak English at all for a month, I end up getting nervous when I speak for the first time in a while…That's why it's so important to practice every day.

Isn't it scary to do interviews overseas alone on YouTube? I'm really worried.

Thank you for being so kind… But now I'm used to it. I got ripped off once in America, but I haven't felt scared since then.

Do you think there is such a thing as a fateful encounter?

There is… after all… I think life is about relationships with people, so there is a destiny.

What should you be careful about when talking to foreigners?

Be careful not to become alarmist.

How long did it take you to be able to talk to foreigners to some extent?

Even after studying and concentrating for 3 months, there are still many inconveniences. During those three months, I studied English from morning till night. I was studying like crazy…I probably wasn't very efficient, but I felt anxious if I wasn't studying English…I was studying from morning until night.

Do you study English every day? What do you do?

I'm not studying English right now, but I want to know more words. Even one word is different. There are a lot of different ways to say the same thing, so I'm trying to study that.

Do you read the comments on youtube?

I've been trying not to read much lately. If I read the anti-comments, I'm disappointed…I feel a little disgusted…That's why…I'm just an amateur, and so am I…I want to have a stronger heart.

how old are you?

I am 24 years old and will turn 25 this year (as of March 2020)

Is your voice your natural voice? It's so cute that I'm curious.

This is my natural voice

What type of man do you like?

Someone I can respect. I also want someone I can grow with.

How did you end up dating a foreigner and how is it different from a Japanese person? I would like to know the reason why you broke up with someone

The first time I dated a foreigner was when I went to Canada, and I fell in love with a Canadian guy I was working with at the time, so we started dating. The reason why we broke up is…well, well…we're going to be long distance, and maybe we have different ideas about the future…

Behind the scenes of YouTube video shooting

How do you find foreigners to appear on Momoka Japan?

Are foreigners who want to appear on social media directly emailing us to inquire?

I wanted to know that too, and I think it's a question that everyone in the audience is probably wondering.


Indeed… how can she get such nice foreign people…?

In an interview at the press conference to commemorate the release of the book ``Momoka Japan: Foreigners Can't Stop Being Impressed by Eating Japanese Food,'' she told us the secret.

(It also said that she was from Kyoto. However, it was easy to guess this from listening to the way she speaks in the Kyoto dialect, but I'm glad I was able to confirm it.)

"I can call out to them in areas where many tourists come and go, such as Shinjuku or Shibuya, and get someone in about 30 minutes."

"I'm introducing Japanese food as part of a YouTube project. Can you go eat with me?" I said to them directly.


Like picking up girls…

That's why such good people come out… She is truly "great pick-up artists"


Also, at the press conference, she was asked what was the happiest thing she's ever done, and she talked about the two people who appeared in the most viewed video mentioned earlier in this article. .

``The happiest thing so far was that the foreign couple who caused the most buzz when we appeared on the show a year ago came back to Japan and were able to hand them copies of this book.''


Books are selling well, right?


Amazon's №1 bestseller…

Momoka-san’s power is terrifying!!


Momoka Japan manga publication first announcement video


Momoka Japan manga publication first announcement video


Also, it seems that Momoka is paying for all the meals.

``Momoka-san buys all the meals. Japanese food that is popular among foreigners is Wagyu beef. On the other hand, Ginnan was poorly received by foreigners.


I'm sure there are a lot of foreigners out there who would like to be able to eat such delicious food and splurge on everything…

Momoka-san, your face is becoming more famous, so when you're walking around, don't foreigners look for you and approach you?

I'm becoming more and more worried about her safety…

Be careful!!!



In this article, we take a deep dive into Momoka Japan, a YouTube channel that continues to make rapid progress. I think the appeal of Momoka Japan is largely due to the character of the host, Momoka, but it is also because the content itself is more than enjoyable.

There are times when I can simply enjoy watching people eating delicious food, and when it comes to foreigners…I enjoy eating Japanese food, which is a daily meal for us Japanese people. They will be surprised, complimented, or impressed with various expressions.

I'm glad I was born in Japan, and I'm glad I'm Japanese. This is the deepest base of us Japanese people, so it feels good to be able to reaffirm it. It's very comforting that Momoka Japan's video pinpoints this.

If a new video comes out, I'm sure I'll watch it, so please take care of herself and continue to be a YouTuber. However, since she will be dealing with foreigners she doesn't know, and I'm sure there are some bad people out there, I would like her to be more considerate of her own safety.


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