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[Jamboree Mickey Lady, who is that Japanese cute woman?] Yui Hayashi's current situation, "Tokyo Disney Land, Japan"


At Tokyo Disneyland, an amusement park in Chiba, a woman called Jamboree Mickey Onee-san continues to attract attention for her cuteness. In this article, I would like to dig deeper into what many people say is "cute" and who the lady is.

Jamboree Mickey's lady's name is Yui Hayashi

All of the past Jamboree Mickey ladys are cute and attractive women, but the ones featured in this article are:

Her name is Yui Hayashi.

Let's find out more about Yui.

How long have you been dancing at Disneyland?

Looking at various videos and website articles, it seems that she has been dancing on stage as Jamboree Mickey lady since around March-April 2023. No matter how hard I search, I can't find any videos from before 2023, and as far as I can see from her official SNS, Yui's schedule at the beginning of 2023 is dominated by the stage play "Dad Shoes," so I think she must have been very busy.

From the announcement of the appearance decision to the completion report of all performances of ~~.


Yui's official SNS is updated quite a lot and you can find all kinds of information, so her fans should be happy.

Yui Hayashi official SNS

SNSNumber of registrants

Since "Dad Shoes" ended on February 5, 2023, she made various preparations after that…It is assumed that she was active as a jamboree sister from around March to April 2023.

Around April 2023, videos started to be posted on YouTube, and the comment section was filled with praise. The video is

If you search for words such as, you will find many.

What I recommend here is short. Please search for long videos and watch them slowly.

Yui Hayashi's recommended short videos

Yui Hayashi's recommended short video①

Hair down in a bun version

Comment introduction

  • Isn't it too cute that she has her hair down in a bun and looks like twintails?
  • It's amazing how if you stop a little at a time, the expressions change depending on the pose.
  • The image quality is perfect. The camera work is also perfect. The lady's facial expressions are also perfect. Perfect dance too
  • Seriously, it's so cute and the quality is so good that I can watch it over and over again.
  • I paused it about 100 times, but I was surprised at how cute it was no matter where I cut it.
  • As always, she's so bright and has a wonderful smile.
  • I really like how he winks while jumping

The image quality of this short video was really beautiful, and it was highly rated for that as well.


Yui Hayashi's recommended short video②

braid version


  • Was it around the time of Yui's debut? Now there are two billboards with Mayu.
  • When I saw this lady from the front row, she was so cute that we both got excited. The feeling of happiness when our eyes met was so strong, the smile was so strong
  • Cute braids
  • Sharp!! Professional
  • Look at the expression on lady's face, it's so emotional and amazing, it's a visual that everyone will love.
  • Stable bangs fixation

In the comment section of this video, there are many comments comparing her to another Jamboree lady, Mayu-san, and a neutral comment summarizing, ``Isn't it good that everyone has their own strengths…'' was also often seen.

Yui Hayashi simple profile

NameYui Hayashi
Birthday1993/11/11、30 years old (as of 2/25/2024)
BirthplaceAichi Prefecture, Nagoya City
Affiliated officeM&S Dance Studio
Representative workSailor Moon「SHINING MOON TOKYO」
Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno
Nogizaka46.Keyakizaka46.Hinatazaka46 joint stage “Zambi”

4 reasons why Yui-san is popular

I have summarized the comments received on many videos by reason.

1. cute face

  • This lady is so cute
  • I'm smiling brightly today too
  • The other lady has amazing calves though. This lady is beautiful down to her calves.
  • Well, no matter which moment you capture it, it's all cute. Super style with long limbs, super cute face and athletic nerves. I'm so jealous
  • Your smile is cute!
  • It's so cute it's scary

2. sharp dance

  • Dance is so good
  • Sharp and sharp. And even after moving so much, she doesn't get out of breath and smiles. It will give me energy
  • She is getting sharper and better at dancing day by day.
  • The sharpness is amazing. I guess she is working hard behind the scenes… I was drawn in by her smile
  • This lady's dance is also sharp and wonderful. Watching it makes me feel good
  • Dance is so cool
  • A melody? When she kicks her legs behind her, it's smooth and the height of her legs and torso are great and beautiful.
  • The sharpness of the music at the end makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it.

3. I get energized when I look at her

  • I feel better every time I see it. And it's cute
  • It's strange because watching this video makes me feel better
  • It makes me feel better
  • Seeing this smile makes me feel better
  • Before I knew it, I found myself looking at her with a smile on my face.
  • Thank you, sister! Feeling happy all day long!

4. Bangs are amazing

  • What I should praise most is her ability to keep her bangs in place even when she moves so much. I would like to know what she uses.
  • No messy bangs! amazing!
  • Bangs that don't fall apart are wonderful
  • Bangs that don't fall apart are the best

Every video I watch is filled with complimentary comments.


There were quite a few erotic comments that seemed to come from old men, but I couldn't find many anti-comments.

Yui-san comparison video

There are various videos posted on YouTube, but there is also a video like this that compares the individuals from April and October 2023 side by side, and you can see how popular it is.


I'm sure more and more people are coming here because they want to see this lady…


In 2023, Yui Hayashi was selected as one of the 3rd group in Yahoo's next breakout personality category.

Reason for selection

As a dancer, she has appeared in various works mainly on stage. The sharp dance has become a hot topic on SNS and the number of searches is increasing.


Yui's popularity is increasing more and more…


There is information on the internet that ``Yui-onee-san will soon retire as Jamboree-onee-san…''…

Current Yui-san

Yui-onee-san was appointed as a special supporter of the women's softball team MORI ALL WAVE KANOYA on February 1, 2024. Reports from the time of his appointment and his activities were posted on Instagram. There was also a video of them dancing.

Activity schedule

TV program
Morimori♡All Wave
Starts on Sunday, April 7, 2024
KKB (Kagoshima Broadcasting) Every Sunday
10:00-10:05 (April-June 2024)
10:30-10:35 (July-September 2024)
Broadcast schedule from 10:00 to 10:05 (October 2024 to March 2025)

Can I watch Kagoshima Broadcasting TV nationwide? Or is there a missed broadcast on TVer?


At this time, it is unclear whether it will be available nationwide. I will add it as soon as I know.

Since MORI ALL WAVE KANOYA is a softball team in Kagoshima, there are speculations that it would be difficult to work between Tokyo and Kagoshima, and personal speculation that people working at Disneyland shouldn't have side jobs. The reason is.

By the way, if you search for ``Disneyland Cast Recruitment,'' the recruitment page on the official website will come up at the top, so those who want to work can apply directly from this page.

I took a quick look at the recruitment guidelines, but there was no published language that contained rules regarding the prohibition of side jobs.


With the information as of February 25, 2024, I cannot write anything regarding the "retirement theory." Let's hope we can see Yui dancing as Jamboree Mickey lady(Onee-san) again.


In this article, we took a deep dive into Yui Hayashi, who dances as Jamboree Mickey lady(Onee-san). The comment section of the video was overflowing with how she was loved by so many people, so I had the impression that she was a great veteran, but she started dancing on the Disneyland stage around March-April 2023. There you were. The first year is almost over, so if the contract is a one-year contract, it is possible that she will retire after this.

As a fan, please wait for Yui-onee-san's report while checking each SNS etc.


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